LUCA Transit: Designing the Urban Transport Plan for Lima and Callao

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A Quick Look

After the project completed with LUCA, AATE (Autonomous Electric Train System Authority) was able to determine the mobility trends and patterns of the people in the city using anonymized mobile data from Telefónica. Thus, they were able to make better decisions to implement a more efficient mass transport plan in the cities of Lima and Callao in Peru to meet their citizens’ needs.


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About AATE

The Lima Autonomous Electric Train System Authority (AATE) is the entity responsible for planning, coordinating, supervising, controlling and operating an effective mass electric transport system in metropolitan Lima and Callao. It is under the auspices of the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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Carlos Ugaz Montero

Executive Director of AATE

With real information on trends, mobility patterns, needs identification and target user segmentation, we can make better decisions in order to implement an integrated mass transportation system in the city and to make all projects more efficient, which benefits everyone.

The Project

With data provided by mobile phones, the travel done by the users of the phones was analysed after the data were anonymized, extrapolated and aggregated in order to estimate the number of trips made in Lima and Callao. These trips were classified by origin and destination as well as based on sociodemographic variables, the purpose of travel and time segmentation variables. The travel was analysed for 4 months in order to generate user behaviour patterns.
This information was used to produce a database and data viewer so AATE could conduct additional analyses based on different needs.

The Challenge
We worked with the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications and AATE to analyse urban mobility in the city of Lima in order to optimize the Lima and Callao underground system.

The solution generated for the customer was comprised of different phases:

1. The generation of a database representing the actual trips taken by users.
2. The development of a data viewer for analysis based on isolated needs.
3. The project technical documentation including both the methodological part as well as the analysis of results, patterns and conclusions.
4. Training, advisory and guidance sessions to get the most out of the items indicated above.

The solution
This information was used to produce a database and data viewer so AATE could conduct additional analyses based on different needs.

The Challenge

Optimizing the construction of the metro network, strengthen communications and adapt schedules

AATE is in the middle of planning new underground lines and is thus planning a Demand Study. This study will be based on surveys yet they need to supplement it with data reflecting the population’s actual behaviours and needs. This way, they can optimize the construction of the underground system by strengthening connections between points with the highest demand and adapting the timetables.

This will make it so users don’t have to make as many transfers which will make their travel faster and more convenient.

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Identifying audiences in Peru

The Results

With the LUCA Audience solution, Clear Channel has presented Clear Targets: the all-new Clear Channel Peru platform that can:


Identify audience movements and the profiles of the people who travel by the Clear Channel advertising mediums in the country to make the investments clients make in these advertising campaigns more efficient.


Understand all audience demographics - age, socioeconomic level, gender, place of residence and where the people work.


Segment in accordance with the industry, preferences or affinity each of our advertisers are looking for.


Know aspects like the impacts, scope, frequency and buying intentions with information that is updated monthly.


At LUCA, we work with all sectors by offering an extensive range of products and services adapted to each industry from unique business insights based on anonymized and aggregate telcom data form +350 million customers in our mobile network to digital transformation projects using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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