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Read the Stories that Reveal the Value of Data


Project's Lab

Read the Stories that Reveal the Value of Data

Project's Lab

We just love the stories behind data, so we developed some pilot studies to show you. Our team of data scientists conducts studies to discover the most surprising insights behind the large volumes of information we handle.

Sustainable mobility plan for Distrito Telefónica with data analysis
Data analysis for sustainable movement plan for Distrito T

How do the workers in Distrito Telefónica move? The global Telefónica environment is designing a plan of sustainable movement for Distrito Telefónica. Data scientists of Big Data for Social Good from LUCA came together, supporting the analysis of data which provides objective understandingof how how the workers of Distrito Telefónica move around on a daily basis.

Big data examples: Open Data reponds
Open Data Answers: How Expensive is it for Firefighters to Rescue Cats?

We analysed how much the London firefighters spend on saving animals’ lives by challenging our hypothesis against a null one. The larger and more available open data is to public services, the better we can analyse patterns and models to calculate how to save costs that have an impact on citizens and everything around them.

Big Data as an example to analyse cyclist safety in Madrid
Do you Bike in the City? We Analyse Cyclist Safety in Madrid

With predictive analysis tools created through biciMAD, we were able to analyse the most common patterns of cyclist accidents in the city of Madrid. And with the data obtained, such as the location of the accidents, we are able to get insights to better understand the characteristics and reasons for them and make better decisions.

Best transport plans with mobile data in Germany
Mobile Data to Improve Transport Plans in Germany

Telefónica NEXT used mobile data to analyse patterns of movement of people in Germany which offered valuable information to plan transport in different areas and regions. The information acquired through the data benefits urban public transport institutions so they can develop new mobility plans.

Mobile data for better management of emergency situations
Using Data to Manage Emergency Situations

With mobile and weather data, we have the capacity to analyse the impact of the storm that hit the San Jorge Gulf of Argentina in 2017.

Big Data to analyze the impact of the temporary closure of a Metro Line
How Has the Temporary Closing of Line 5 Affected Madrid Underground Users?

Carto worked with the LUCA Transit platform to analyse mobility and transport data to minimize the impact of the closing of line 5 on the Madrid underground.

Alternative map of regions of Spain using Big Data
The New Spain: Redrawing the Country with Mobility Data

We used live mobility data and Smart Steps technology to design a different map of the Spanish regions as an alternative to the administrative one based on the flows of mobility of the people.

Machine Learning to predict League of Legends game
We Analyse League of Legends Using Machine Learning

We used data and machine learning to characterize, analyse and predict the videogame League of Legends, one of the most popular eSport videogames of all time.

Improving Movistar Team performance with Big Data
Analysing the Movistar Team Route

Working in close collaboration with the Movistar Sports Science team, we analysed datasets created by the Movistar Team during its competitions to see how Big Data can make a difference in their performance.

Big Data to analyze the profile of people in Plaza del Sol to celebrate New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve Celebration at Puerta del Sol

We used our Smart Steps technology to understand the profile and origin of the people who go to the Puerta del Sol to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Big Data to analyse how the refugee’s crisis evolve
Analysing Refugees

We analysed open datasets on refugees from the last few years to understand how the crisis has evolved over time.

Big Data to analyze tourism at the December bank
The Long Weekend in December

We used our Smart Steps technology to identify the most popular destinations for people who leave Madrid during the first long weekend in December and how this varies year after year.

International call traffic insights to detect communication patterns
Global Comms

We conducted an in-depth analysis of Telefónica Global Solutions to reveal the insights behind international call traffic to better understand the effects of important events on communication patterns.

Insights to improve air quality
Pollution in Madrid

We combined Smart Steps data with Open Data to research Madrid’s pollution problem.

Optimize traffic and improve transport management with insights
Commuters in Madrid

We observed Smart Steps data during rush hour in Madrid to see how Madrid’s workers get around and evaluate where there are more opportunities for car sharing and the use of public transport.

Analysis of US elections with analysis of publications on Twitter
US Elections on Twitter

We analysed the US elections in real time with Philips Hue Lamps and Kibana in addition to using Sinfonier, one of the ElevenPaths products.

IoT and Big Data for safer driving analysis
Global Rider

We used Big Data from IoT sensors during Hugo Scagnetti’s journey around the world on a motorbike to create a visualization to enable safer driving analytics.

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