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At LUCA, we know Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies are applicable to any industry and must be a part of your business strategy. Find out about our experience in different sectors and discover how we can help you.


We offer solutions for the entire retailer value chain: point of sales location, benchmarking, customer acquisition, conversion and loyalty.


We provide a response for the different areas you’re interested in: production, storage, logistics, marketing, sales and human resources.


We help you optimize infrastructure and transport system planning with more knowledge of travellers, timetables and routes.


We help you enhance your visitors’ experiences based on tourist knowledge, identifying behaviour patterns and measuring the impact of tourism.

Out-of-Home Advertising

We help you expand the scope of your marketing campaigns and identify your business target by offering detailed insights on the audience profile in a specific area or region.


We help you overcome your business challenges with greater customer knowledge, internal process optimization and risk and fraud prevention.


We offer specific solutions for the three major challenges facing the sector: customer acquisition, loyalty and risk as well as the entire business strategy.

Industry 4.0

We help you reduce costs with operational efficiency projects including production line, manufacturing, distribution and sales planning.


We help you reduce costs with solutions aimed at enhanced operational efficiency, increasing the quality of manufactured products and customer knowledge.


We help you meet your business needs with comprehensive customer knowledge and process optimization.


We offer you solutions at different levels of the value chain: drug research, production, distribution and marketing.


We offer you a range of services and solutions we’ve used ourselves so you can also boost the value of your data.

Culture and Sport

We help you enhance your users’ experiences and your spaces with greater visitor and athlete knowledge, internal process and facility optimization and sensor systems.


We help you enhance the customer experience through our guest 360º vision projects, marketing campaign optimization and smart hotel management.

Mass Media

We offer everything you need to attract your audience through analytics and customer segmentation, Smart content and mobile advertising solutions.

Public Administrations

We support you in your digital transformation process both to help you to allocate resources more efficiently and to give a better service to the citizen.

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LUCA Transit: Optimizing Public Transport in Hamburg

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All our success stories
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At LUCA, we offer a broad range of products and services based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence so you can include key technologies in your business strategy.