Increasing the effectiveness of your communications

Discover the preferences of your current and potential customers to offer them a better advertising experience and improve your companys financial results


Big Data and AI in the media

With digitalization, traditional offers must be adapted and the business must be transformed to an integrated model that is capable of meeting the demands of the new consumption habits of ever more demanding and hyper-connected users.

By using Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, companies in this sector can take advantage of the potential of these technologies to improve their knowledge of consumers and optimize their sales, advertising and content strategies. They can also develop new services, digital media and applications to generate new business opportunities and ways to connect with their audiences.

Opportunities for news media

At LUCA, we accompany media outlets and other sector companies throughout their digital transformations with a focus on the following segments: Publishers, the Press, Magazines, Radio, Television, Video, Film, Internet and/or Television Advertising, Music and Videogames.

Customer segmentation and analysis

Identify and group users by their content preferences, detecting interests and behavioural patterns to enhance their attraction, loyalty and retention.

Smart content

Bring together information on your audience and their behaviour to create, predict and recommend adequate content taking into account consumer demands and expectations to make the greatest impact on the audience.

Advertising strategy

Open up new ways to generate revenue and adapt your advertising strategy to optimize the price, placement and format based on the volume and potential customers to maximize the economic return.

User engagement

Develop a strategy combining technologies, business models and content distribution aimed at managing the audience in an aggregate way to enhance the user experience.

Advert tech & addressable ads

Create advertising and targeted advert gateways and interfaces that manage advertising formats in real time and make it possible to connect advertisers and potential customers in real time.


Consulting and Analytics

We do end-to-end Big Data and AI project management starting with strategy definitions to deployment in all levels and areas of a company.

Cultural Transformation

We offer training programmes for technical and business profiles to adapt your employees’ methods and skills to the new data-centred culture.

Business Insights

We work with the mass media to provide unique insights based on anonymized and aggregate telco data from +350 million customers in our mobile network which define the population’s movements and habits.

Technology, Infrastructure and Security

We make a whole ecosystem available with Big Data tools and technologies, infrastructure and security for proper data management.

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